My offerings have been mindfully created with wellness at the forefront and inspired by Gaia - Earth, mother of life, incorporating natural and integrative skincare products using traditional and modern modalities for the best results. I ensure that my offerings not only look after your total well-being, but also care for the environment and harness the benefits of nature.

Welcome to your SANCTUARY, a space where you are safe from harmful toxins & can serve your highest self


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Every first time client receives a 10 minute consultation where we get to know your skin on a foundational level 

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The treatment doesn't stop in the spa room - for the best results we provide a customized at-home routine that keeps your holistic skin health at top of mind

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Consistency is key for optimal skin health, please book your next treatment on a monthly basis to ensure your best results

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Channel your inner Gaia Goddess with our variety of natural beauty services for brows and lashes

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Mindfully customized services for your skin through plant-based ingredients, results-driven practices & special modalities

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The relaxing experience isn't just for the face. Nourish your skin, relax your muscles, and detox your body for total body rejuvenation. Come enjoy a body treatment that uses holistic wellness applications.

Veronika K.

 I absolutely love this place. Becky does such a great job at making you comfortable, talking through the whole procedure and she always makes sure you are comfortable and don't have questions during the procedure. This is my favorite place for all my back and face facials. I absolutely love the little gifts she would give me, she makes the whole experience so fun. My skin has been better than ever since I started coming here. Love it!

I absolutely love this place

Raychell S.

 So much more than just a facial, this beautiful little nook of serenity is the perfect place to find balance and relax. Becky is amazing, really knows her stuff and will leave your skin absolutely glowing, along with your spirits refreshed. She is passionate and knowledgeable. Can't wait to go back!

So much
more than just a facial

Kind words

Samantha G.

Had my first facial ever today and I'm totally in love. My skin looks so soft and dewy and fresh! Becky was absolutely fantastic. The ambiance and treatment were so relaxing! I fell asleep during the process. Lol. I can't wait to come back next month. 😊

I can't wait
to come back
next month

Kind words

I’m a skin therapist that focuses on bespoke botanical skincare and sustainable wellness rituals. I work with individuals who want guidance on how to holistically care for their skin. I help them find nourishing non-toxic products and rituals that fit their unique skin and lifestyle.

After spending years educating myself on nutrition, wellness, and healthy living, I created Skin Haven Therapies to use my passion of the 'less is more' lifestyle and contribute it to the beauty industry to provide people more clean options for their in-spa services and at-home care.

Licensed Master Esthetician & Your Guide to Skin Health

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